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Junior British League 1st Weekend

End of Weekend 2

Bemused is how one must feel at the end of our venture into JBL. The second weekend saw three more draws this time with the two teams that beat us last time while we experienced two losses to the top two teams. To have drawn with every team in the division and drawn to one team twice leaves one wondering.....

Anyway it has been an adventure for the club, and thanks to those who supported the venture. I think the club will have to start looking for players who are even more committed to striving for excellence before we can consider competing for a place again. To compete at JBL level one has to raise ones sights above playing just for enjoyment, but to have the determination to train, to compete and win.

Thanks to Quan, George, Alex, Charlie and Hardeep who represented Ashford Brunswick well.

Tables > Junior Boys 2015-16 > Boys Division 4B
# Team P W D L SF SA GF GA PF PA Points
1 10 6 3 1 41 19 137 88 2162 1900 15
2 10 3 5 2 33 27 128 113 2292 2211 11
3 10 4 3 3 30 30 118 118 2195 2197 11
4 10 2 5 3 29 31 120 122 2239 2212 9
5 10 2 4 4 25 35 102 130 2070 2239 8
6 10 0 6 4 22 38 105 139 2162 2361 6
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Our thanks go to the team and their manager Dr. Q Long for the taking the time out at the weekend to represent our club and Ashford TTC in Division 4B of the JBL.

The weekend did not appear to start too badly with a a 4-2 defeat to Hullbridge, but things did not improve when they lost to Dublin 5-1. It was then in trepidation that we awaited the result against Jersey who had started their programme with 6-0 and 5-1 wins.against Westfield and Hullbridge respectively who had already beaten us 4-2.
The result came through as a 3-3 draw and things were starting to look brighter.
The second day day promised to be better when performances were compared, but the matches did not really go to form, as our matches against Harrowgate and Westfield both resulted in 3-3 draws and saw us end the day on just three points.

The results for the weekend were truly unpredictable with our team managing to draw with the best, and the worst while the other teams in the group were all able to beat at least one other team, leaving us rooted to the bottom of the table.

The last weekend will see us return to JBL with a real fight on our hands to earn the right to compete in JBL next season.
                          Played     Won
George Long            10           5
Charliel Rahbani      10           4
Alex Gough               6           2
Hardeep Dhaliwal      4           1


Twickenham Brunswick under the name Ashford Brunswick are making their presence felt for a 4th successive season in JBL.

Charlie Rahbani, George Long, Alexander Gough and Hardeep Dhaliwal will be travelling to Derby on the 17th October 2015 to take on some of the best junior table tennis players in Great Britain. If their final table position at the end of the season reflects their team list position we will be very happy.

Junior Boys Division 4B
  • Ashford Brunswick
  • Dublin B
  • Harrogate
  • Hullbridge Sports
  • Jersey
  • Westfield
  • JBL Feb 2015

    The 2014-15 Season for Junior British League has come to a close and was nail biting to its conclusion. The Ashford Brunswick team is a team of boys who, apart from George Long, have been long term members of Twickenham Brunswick.  Weekend one saw Charlie Rahbani, our oldest and most experienced player being supported by Alex Gough and George Long a member of Ashford Club. A disappointing defeat at the hands of local rivals Greenhouse 3 saw us pushed back into 5th place.

    Weekend two came around and with it devastating news that Charlie Rahbani, our highest ranked player, would not be available. Being a club that starts and develops its own players, we did not consider importing non member players as we have quite a strong group of home grown junior players. Again our first reserve was not available so the position was offered to Hardeep Dhaliwal to fill the vacant place.

    In a  weekend that saw us with a depleted team, our players excelled, finishing the weekend with a  record of two wins, a draw and two losses
    Finishing 4th in Division 4A is a great achievement as we are basically still just a local youth centre in Twickenham and competing against top table tennis centres of excellence from around the British Isles.
    Well done too to the Ashford Brunswick girls playing JBL Div 2  and in particular Rhiannon Folan of Twickenham Brunswick as in the last round they moved from bottom position to fourth place with a great win over Ellenborough.
    Both teams secured their places for next year avoiding relegation and the possibility of needing to try to gain entry again.
    Thanks to all who helped in this venture.

    2/15/2015 Boys Division 4A table for Junior Boys 201415


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    Boys_Division_4A 1/1

    Tables > Junior Boys 201415

    > Boys Division 4A

    # Team        P W D L                             SF       SA       GF    GA         Points

    1 Cardiff City     10 8 2 0                         48       12     160       68              18

    2 Ormesby 2     10 7 1 2                         45       15      150       70              15

    3 Westfield        10 3 4 3                         31       29      112     114              10

    4 Ashford          10 3 3 4                         30       30       122     107               9

    5 Greenhouse 3 10 4 0 6                         24       36         94     135               8

    6 Guernsey 2     10 0 0 10                        2         58        31     175               0

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    JBL 2014 -15

    In a joint venture with Ashford, Twickenham Brunswick have yet again provided the backbone for a Boys Junior British League team. Another year, another Junior British League, another squad; time has moved on and last season's squad have either moved out of the age group or stopped playing. The only remaining squad member, Charlie Rahbani, therefore had to take on the responsibility of leading the team as the number one player. Alexander Gough has developed his game from being a novice at the age of 12/13 to a proficient Division 1 player and George Long as the third player is a rapidly improving third member of the team.

    The club has players in reserve, but hopefully will not need to register them unless circumstances change.

    The first weekend started with real promise with the Brunswick /Ashford team pulling off some good results, holding Westfield to a 3-3 draw in a match where Charlie Rahbani won two of his matches and a similar 3-3 draw against Cardiff where all the squad won one a piece. And Top Team Ormesby only managed a 4-2 win over our squad through  a match that ended 12-10 in the fifth.

    On the second day our prospects looked good with only the teams below us to play. The match against Guernsey saw the team produce a similar result to all the other teams a 6-0 victory. Our final match against our local rivals Greenhouse 3 saw a bit of an upset when previous experiences of playing each other and tiredness may have affected performance. A 2-4 defeat saw Greenhouse draw level on points with us when a draw or win would have seen us comfortably ahead on points.

    Still some very commendable performances from the team who on paper were often matched up against higher ranked players.

    Averages: Charlie Rahbani 60%  Alexander Gough 50%  George Long  50%

    Thanks go to K. Foot and G. Outrim who took responsibilty for the team over the weekend. 

    Rhiannon Folan was also representing Ashford in Division 2 of the Girls JBL the team finished in a similar position to the boys fourth in the table but in =6th place on points. Despite an average of just 30% two other matches went to five where Rhiannon lost by a narrow margin to higher ranked girls.

    Congratulations to all the players and everyone who has supported this venture. 


    JBL Weekend 2 2013-14

    Twickenham Brunswick can look back on this season with a sense of pride at what it has achieved in a relatively short period of time and with the minimum of support. Well done to the squad of David Rahbani, Anthony Egan, Charlie Rahbani and James Corner, but also a big thank you to John Rahbani for his support as without it we could not have attempted this venture. Thanks too to Graham Outrim for supporting the team on the last weekend. To have finished bottom of Division 2A is no disgrace, in fact it should be regarded as a great achievement under the circumstances.

    The season started with hearing that one of our strongest squad players would  be unavailable, despite this we pressed ahead with just the players available from our club. Our squad is comprised of players who started at our club 4-5 years ago and who have stayed loyal to the club.

    This weekend saw us dealt another blow as Anthony Egan had to withdraw from the squad forcing us to register James Corner as reserve at short notice. And so we started this weekends combat with one team member and two reserves.
    David Rahbani had a very successful weekend  notching up four good wins against much higher ranked players including the Junior No.16 and 27 and 37 the majority of his losses going to the fifth. Charlie promoted from 1st reserve at the beginning of the season moved to player two where he naturally found the going tough, his perseverence told in the last match when he notched up one good win to round off the dayagainst a player 100+ places above him.. James  Corner too should be commended for his performances. Playing as player three, he was unfortunately unable to notch up any victories, however his performances showed great resillience. Generally his matches went to either four or five, which bodes well for the next season as his ranking was generally far below that of his opponents.

    We shall be looking forward to next year's challenge, with two good players already showing their potential, and hopefully more keen club members to join the squad.

    Tables > Junior Boys 2013-14 > Boys Division 2A
    2Draycott East Midlands Boys1062241191378914
    3Wales B10532362412510113
    4London Academy 210523322812211112
    5Ucd Dublin102082139931344
    6Ashford Brunswick101091149651542
    Last Updated: 09 Feb 2014

    Well done and thank you for representing the club in the spirit of the club.....

    Junior British League 2013-14

    This weekend of the 12/13th October 2013 saw a landmark in the history of Twickenham Brunswick particularly the table tennis section.

    Three boys from the club went to Lilleshall representing Ashford/Brunswick to play in Division 2a of the Junior British League.

    In a very tough division, David, Charlie Rahbani and Anthony Egan battled against some very top class opponents from around the British Isles to finish fifth in the division of six teams.

    A 4-2 win over UCD Dublin kept them off the bottom and some close losses should give them a little hope for some better outcomes on the second weekend.

    Meanwhile Rhiannon form the club represented Ashford / Brunswick in Division 3 of the Girls Junior British League. Seven wins out of ten saw her finish with a personal average of 70% and helped the team to a second place position in the Division.

    Ashford Brunswick Team qualify for the Junior British League


    On Saturday 13th July Juliette Moussarie, Rihannon Folan, Charlize Uye and Mehda Verma, making up the Ashford Brunswick Team, went to Grantham for a chance to qualify for the Junior British League (JBL). The event was disputed by 10 all-girl teams with junior rankings ranging from none to 19, split into groups A and B.
    Only the top three teams would qualify, that is, the winners of group A, and B; the third team would be selected following play-off matches between the second and third teams of each group. The day was so warm, another strong motivator for the girls to do the job and go home !
    All girls faced challenges of their own, Juliette had the difficult task of playing in the top spot in spite of her Junior ranking (92), Rihannon just came off from her GCSEs, and Charlize (number 12 U13) was playing some girls several years older than her. Vidal, Charlize’s coach supported the girls throughout all matches, a very big thank you to him. Kwok and Jane Barella (London Region Coach) also came to cheer on the girls.
    The day started very well, with a 6-0 win against Falmouth Docks TTC followed by another 6-0 win against Bournemouth. This was an impressive start as the top players of these two teams were ranked well above our girls. However just as it looked as we were going to storm through the tournament, we hit Brixham TTC. Jazmin Johns (19 U18) made light work of Ashford Brunswick, with a clever use of her pimple bat and a painful demonstration of fluid and consistent table tennis. Their number 2, Beth Wilson (number 40 U18), also proved too hard to beat in spite of some much stronger challenges. Rihannon and Charlize could only could find some consolation beating their third player, Holly Johns (number 14 U13), final score 2-6 to Brixham.
    Despite battling through against Mountrath TTC to finish runner up in their group the team now had to play two more matches to decide who secured the one remaining slot. Meanwhile Brixham TTC (for group A) and Fusion TTC (group B) were on their way home having won their respective groups.
    In the first match against a strong Guernsey side, with an very talented top player (Chloe Le Tissier) Ashford Brunswick tapped into stored reserves as Juliette beat Chloe in straight sets, outsmarting her tricky top spins with blocks to the wide forehand and backhand. Rihannon and Charlize finished simultaneously with two more solid wins.
    In the final and deciding tie the girls played their final 3 matches against Mountrath TTC. Rihannon and Charlize repeated their earlier wins and Juliette, this time overcame Kate Whelan having lost to her at the group stage. This concluded the play offs 6-0, and secured qualification with a comfortable margin.
    Overall number 3 Charlize was the top performer with 9 wins out of 10, closely followed by number 2 Rihannon (8/10) whilst top seed Juliette managed a sound (6/10).
    A lot of relief, happiness, and strong feelings of being part of one team as the girls realized they had made it. A big thank you to Medha’s parents who made the journey, cheered on the girls until the end, while Medha was ready to step in at any time to relieve them.
    Looking forward to more of the same in October !

    By on Jul 24, 2013

    Junior British League 2012/13

    Congratulations to the joint Brunswick Ashford team who this weekend secured promotion  as Runners Up, from Division 3A to Division 2. After a very successful first weekend that saw the team top the division, it came as a bit of a bombshell to discover that our second highest ranked player David Rahbani was not going to be available for the second weekend. However younger brother Charlie was on hand to attend the weekend in his brother's place.


    The results were not quite as good as the first weekend, but were sufficiently good to secure second place to Ernest Bevin A.

    Alex Gillen continued his impressive form finishing with a 70% match average over the two weekends matching David's Average from the first weekend, while Anthony Egan and Charlie Rahbani both finished with 50% averages.


    Division 3A
    1 Greenhouse Ernest Bevin College 1 10 7 3 0 42 18 17
    2 Brunswick Ashford 10 5 4 1 36 24 14
    3 Ulster 10 3 5 2 30 30 11
    4 Ellenborough B 10 2 4 4 26 34   8
    5 London Academy 1 10 0 5 5 25 35   5
    6 Ormesby 2 10 1 3 6 21 39   5

    Senior British League Report

    Ashford Brunswick Senior British League

    Report for 8/9 Dec 2012

    The team of David Rahbani, Alex Gillen, Tony Egan and Charlie Rahbani (all Junior/Cadet Players) travelled to Westfield TTC for the second weekend of SBL. With none of the senior players available to play on Sat, it was always going to be a tough weekend.

    Our first match was against Woodfield II who are the outstanding team in this division. Their team includes Adam Nutland (Ranked 35 in England) playing no 1 and three other players all ranked within the top 150 in England. However we did well losing 7-1 with Alex picking up a great win 3-1 (11-6 2-11 11-8 11-7) against Billy Pegg, ranked 124 in England. David played well too losing closely to Aman Ubhi 1-3 (9-11 9-11 12-10 11-13 ) . This was a very good result for our young team considering Woodfield only dropped one game in their previous four matches.

    Our second match was against Bedford Modern II. Both David and Alex played well to win a game. David beat their no 2 Wayne Mason ranked 191 in England. Alex beat their no 3 John Alsop a very good veteran player. The result was much closer than the score line of 6-2 suggested.

    We lost three games in five sets including both of Charlie’s games. Charlie played great considering how little experience he has of playing at this level.

    On Sunday Steve Gennari played no 2 for us to help out the team so Alex could play down at no 3 and Tony at no 4.

    We played Fusion in the morning. We did very well to get a 4-4 draw. Alex playing at no 3 won both his games. David beat their No 2 and Tony beat their No 4.

    Our last match of the weekend was against York Garden II. A very strong side including the second highest ranked player in this division Shaun Hall ranked 101 in England. David saved his best game for this match. He beat Shaun yet again 3-1. Alex beat their no 3 player. We lost the match 6-2 but this was very respectable considering the players we played against.

    A notable weekend for the youngsters with a number of highlights which included Alex Gillen winning 5/8, a great achievement considering he is still a Cadet, David Rahbani winning 3/8 playing at no 1 including a great win over Shaun Hall and Charlie coming so close to winning his first SBL div 2 match.


    Twickenham Brunswick's / Ashford Junior British League Team of David Rahbani and Anthony Egan, supported by Alex Gillen of Ashford stormed to the top of Division 3A with series of top class performances against very strong opposition.

    The weekend started well with Draws against Ellenborogh B, the second team to the the BJL Champions last year, and Ernest Bevin, one of the top Greenhouse School teams from South London. They rounded the first day off with a good 6-0 win over Ormseby At the end of the first day Brunswick/Ashford headed the division level on pointswith Ernest Bevin but with a two Game advatage

    Sunday saw two more 4-2 victories over West London Academy and Ulster consolidating their position at the top of the division, only now also having a 1 point advantage as well as games in hand.

    It is even more to their credit that they have achieved these heights without huge support by way of funding and sponsorship, but through determination, dedication and a mature approach regarding responsibility.

    A brilliant achievement, and we look forward another good weekend in 2013

    Division 3A
    1 Brunswick Ashford 5 3 2 0 20 10      8
    2 Greenhouse Ernest Bevin College 1 5 2 3 0 17 13      7
    3 Ellenborough B 5 2 2 1 16 14      6
    4 Ulster 5 1 3 1 15 15      5
    5 Ormesby 2 5 1 1 3 11 19      3
    6 London Academy 1 5 0 1 4 11 19      1

    Junior British League 2012

    After a successful first season in Division 4B our squad have been promoted to Division 3A.

    To the original squad of David, Charlie Rahbani and Anthony Egan we a;lso welcom Alex (Sacha ) Gillen

    We can expect a very tough season in a division with some old rivals....

    WOOD GREEN "2"
    ULSTER "1"

    3rd in Junior British League Div 4B

    At the end of their first season in Junior British League our squad of David Rahbani, Charlie Rahbani, Anthony Egan, Tom Bell and Jack Tubby have managed to preserve their status in Junior British League by securing third place in Division 4B. The team Brunswick Ashford is endebted to George Heath of Ashford for his support in earning them their qualification place but then had to fulfill the season's fixtures unaided by Ashford players.
    The matches played in Wolverhampton over two weekends posed logistical problems for traveling and accommodation that will need to be borne in mind next year.

    Third place was good but with a full squad we could have won the division.

    Congratulations should go to, David Rahbani in dropping just one game and that by the narrowest of margins, and to the team in general which saw them lose just three matches and gain two draws against the runners up.

    Twickenham Brunswick / Ashford have earned their right to play among Britains elite junior players and teams of which we are one of just fifty.

    14 Feb 2012

    Boys Division 4B












    London Academy 2  









    St Marys TTC - Hull


















    De Vere Netts


















    Westfield TTC 








    Senior British League

    The match between Ashford Brunswick II and York Gardens II saw five of the six games decided in the fifth end.  It was very much York Gardens’s day. They won five of these games with four of them decided at 11-9 in the fifth end. Ashford’s new signing - Ugor Surucu looks a good one. He won seven singles out of eight but he will rue the one he lost. England no. 128 Luca Mariano looked dead and buried when trailing 9-3 in the fifth end but he somehow hauled his way back into the match to run out a 10-12, 11-8, 7-11, 11-6, 11-9 winner. Ashford just couldn’t get over the finishing line. Winston Wong gave it everything against Richard Carden before falling 4-11, 16-14, 5-11, 11-8, 9-11 and Robert Lemon succumbed to Simon Forest 11-3, 8-11, 13-11, 6-11, 9-11. Finally in the last game David Rahbani picked up a fifth game win. And a very good one it was as well. He beat Neil Cartwright 11-7, 11-13, 11-3, 7-11, 11-2 to make the final score Ashford Brunswick II 3 York Gardens III 5.     

    Ashford II also took a point off a Neil Charles-less De Vere NETTS. It looks to have been a battling performance from the NETTS side and they finished strongly to grab a point after trailing 4-1. Ugur Surucu’s two singles wins put Ashford in a strong position but NETTS hit back hard. Kevin Read beat Shahrukh Mostame 3-0 and Alex Facey excelled by beating England no. 152 Robert Lemon 3-1. Paul Davison (who has bagged an excellent 13 wins out of 16 so far)  sealed the draw for NETTS by defeating Adam Burgess 9-11, 11-8, 11-7, 11-9 in the last game. 

    JBL Weekend 1 20011

    A good start to weekend 1. David rahbani, Charlie Rahbani and Tom bell secured a 6-0 win over local neighbours Cippenham. They them followed this up with a 4-2 win over Westfield TTC with David Rahbani keeping his 100% record while younger brother Charlie and Tom Bell dropped matches to Alex Ramsden and J Lindsay. A great start with 4 points out of 4. and an impressive 10/12 matches won.

    Senior British league

    After the first weekend Our Ashford and brunswick combined teams hold the following positions in their respective leagues.


    Division 2 South and East
    1 YAXLEY ROYAL BRITISH LEGION I 4 4 0 0 26 6 8
    2 DE VERE NETTS 4 3 0 1 21 11 6
    3 CRUSADERS 4 3 0 1 20 12 6
    4 CIPPENHAM II 4 3 0 1 19 13 6
    5 BEDFORD MODERN I 4 2 0 2 19 13 4
    6 YORK GARDENS III 4 1 0 3 12 20 2
    7 ELLENBOROUGH 4 0 0 4 6 26 0
    8 ASHFORD BRUNSWICK II 4 0 0 4 5 27 0

    Congratulations to David Rahbani on his three wins, and Shah o pickingup one win. 


    Division 4 South-East-Midlands
    2 BRISTOL CIVIL SERVICE 4 3 1 0 25 7 7
    3 SPORTINGBET GUERNSEY II 4 3 0 1 18 14 6
    4 YORK GARDENS V 4 1 1 2 17 15 3
    5 ASHFORD BRUNSWICK III 4 1 1 2 15 17 3
    6 HORSHAM II 4 1 1 2 14 18 3
    7 WATERSIDE 4 1 0 3 12 20 2
    8 BRIGHTON CITY 4 0 0 4 2 30 0

    Well done to Anthony Egan for getting three wins.

    Junior British League 2011-2012

    Junior British League Here We Come!

    After the anguish of coming so close to gaining a place in JBL from the qualifying competition we were resigned to another season of National Junior League.

    Then came the call that changed the outlook completely. Would we like to take a place that had become vacant ????? As runners up in the playoffs twice it was ours for the taking. It means an even greater committment for the club when we are already stretched to our limit.... but looking at the competition for places there was no way we would turn that offer down .....

    Well done to the team.... it was your hard work that got us there ,,,,,

    So Near Yet So Far

    Brunswick/ Ashford fail at last hurdle to make Junior British  League.

    Junior British League Qualifiers

    With the support of three useful junior players from Ashford to add to the five from Twickenham Brunswick we set off to Grantham with the hope that one if not both of our teams might make it through to the Junior British League for this season.

    The second team comprised of Dominic Murphy, Anthony Egan, Tom Bell and Jack Tubby formed a squad of four players very similar in ability all capable of playing at a higher level than their rankings suggest.

    How ever they found themselves in what proved to be a very tough group. Their first match against Munster ended in a 3-3 draw but due to an error in their team order we were awarded a 6-0 win as Munster had to forfeit the match. The following matches against Wensum and Formby ended in 6-0 and 5-1 defeats which left us with little or no hope of making the knock out rounds. The last game for the second team was against Guernsey the surprise team of the group whose ranking points suggested hey were beginners but whose play suggested they were the most accomplished players at the event. A win by Tom Bell meant that it was another 5-1 defeat. However all the second team squad should be commended on their attitude and performance as they fought for every point and the lack of games won did not reflect the closeness of those matches many going to the fifth set.

    Meanwhile the first team comprised of David Rahbani, George Heath Charlie Rahbani and Lewis McFarlane played in group 5 against BBATT 3, Filton, Speedwell TT Academy and Scarborough 2.

    George, David and Lewis gained a convincing win against Scarborough, and cruised through their other matches with Charlie Rahbani and Lewis alternating as the third player. In the group stage good wins over Speedwell and BBATT and Filton saw George Heath win all his matches and David just drop one.  

    In the last 14 stage the team were drawn against Bournemouth in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 format and with realisation that every game mattered Tom Bell stepped up to the 1st team to add a little more steel and fight to the squad. A win over Bournemouth 2-1 saw us into a match v York Gardens for a qualifying place in the last eight.

    Another win by George Heath but defeats suffered by David Rahbani and Tom Bell meant we failed to get one of the first four qualifying places.

    But with one place still open  we entered the final stage, a playoff of the four losers a win over Knighton Park would see us into the final play off place. David Rahbani lost against the number one player, George again secured a vital win as number two, and Tom Bell came back from staring defeat in the face clinching the win after reaching deuce in the fifth.  

    The final qualifying place was decided on the outcome of Brunswick / Ashford v Formby the teaam that had defeated our second team 6-0 in the group stage, and who also defeated Crusaders. The result was a very disappointing 3-0 win to Formby, not disappointing in the terms of the match, as David, George and Tom fought their hardest for every point, but that after such a long and hard fought contest we had failed tosecure that all important Junior British League place….

    Well done to all the squad and thanks to Shah  Mostame for his supprt on the day.

    Junior British League

    Twickenham Brunswick and Ashford TTC are going into partnership to field both Junior and Senior British League Teams this coming season 2011- 2012. This is a huge step forward for our club as we have never had the players to even consider this before. In the past when a player reached this standard they left for a club that could provide greater opportunities but the difference is that our club now has many such players, who want to remain members of our club.

    On the 16th of July we will be taking two teams to Grantham to try and gain qualification to the Junior British League.

    Team 1               David Rahbani       George Heath          Charlie Rahbani        Lewis McFarlane

    Team 2               Tom Bell                 Dominic Murphy     Anthony Egan            Jack Tubby

    All being well we are hoping that at least one of the teams qualifies so that both sets of players will have an opportunity to be in the Junior British League Squad, .should both qualify then all the better.

    We thank Brian Eastwood  and Graham Outrim for their support in this venture ....... also J Rahbani and S Mostame for the contribution they are making.

    Our five Juniors will be also joining with Ashford to boost their Senior British League Teams and joining them will be Shah Mostame and Xuanyu (Jack) Lin  

    We wish all the players the best of luck in the coming season, although it is down to, a lot of hard work and a determination to improve that has enabled them to reach this level... not luck!