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We completed our NJL season this year. 

 But our A team were dealt a blow with our No1 player becoming unavailable due to isolation... then Friday night another A team player pulled out, and on the morning of the event a B team player just did not show.
However Luca and promoted Kushagra stepped up by winning 5 games each. in Division improvement on previous performances.
In Division 3 Daniel Adams won 7 games while the others generally won 2 or 3 games each. It was good to see our two least experienced players winning games Aongus 2 and Axel 3.

Our NCL teams played at Ellenborough with our C team wining silver medals. Our greatest achievemnt was not in winning matches or medals but on producing yet more young players to represent the club as many of the longer standing members are not really improving further.

Also this June this year the London Youth games restarted and we represented Richmond Borough with 4 Boys and 4 girls in our teams. Both did extremely well each finishing 5= out of the possible 33 boroughs ... although some boroughs did not enter...

NJL WK Feb 2020 

The league tables at the end of the season look a bit more respectable.

On the final day all our players excelled themselves. We attended the event with two teams a player short , but trhis did not affect the outcome.

Luca Chan and Adam Gold held the A team in Division three together well. The only match they won all season was on the final day with only two players against the team that finished Division 3 Champions. Again of their 28 points over 4 days they won 11 with just the two of them.

Our C team in Division 4 struggled but both Kipper and Daniel played extremely well and will be winning mor matches in the future.

But the highlight of the day was the B team winning Division 4. Kranthi, Louis and Billyray have practised and improved throughout the season and saved their best performances for the last day securing three wins over Luton Mossford B and our C team 7-2 5-4 and 9-0 respectively.

NJL Week 1 Tables. Oct 28th 2019
We knew from the outset we would be struggling, playing reserves up in divisions that were just a bit too high for them at the moment.πŸ˜•
But credit to all the players as there were no complaints everyone tried, and represented the club well.πŸ˜„

Hopefully those who played will be inspired to train harder and in a more focused manner.πŸ€”
Next round we should have all our players playing in the correct divisions and trying to make up lost ground....

One positive to take from the league tables is that over the rest of the season any movement in the Divisions will be upward.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cippenham Young Players Festival 2019

U.12 Boys event.

The club was represented by Adam gold of Teddington School and Louis McPhee of Collis junior.

In the group stage for the U12's Non Attendance by some entries meant Adam and Louis were moved into the same group where they had to not only pit their skills against each other but also against a player ranked No.1 in Wales at U.11.

Louis and Adam both beat the fourth player but lost to Toby although Adam managed to get one set of him. When Adam and Louis met it was a tight tense affair with Adam going into a lead but then Louis fighting back to win 3-2 in a close last game.

Louis qualified for the main draw, while Adam went through to contest the consolation event.

In the Main knockout event Louis won his first round match 16-14 in the fifth after losing the first two sets. In the 1/4 finals he lost to Kai Sun Yiu No 72 at U.13 who won the overall event.

Congratulations to Adam, who in the consolation event, swept all opposition aside to win the final and come home with the trophy. 😲🀩🀩🀩

Thanks to Adam and Louis' Dads for entering them and taking them there.


Sunday 23rd June London Youth Games. At the start of the day my feelings were one's of relief at knowing that we had both a boys and girls team to represent the borough. Often in the past we have had to scrape around, beg, steal and borrow players to get a team together, but for this year all our players were keen members of our club.😊

Sabrina and Sophia of Waldegrave School along with Alina of Nelson school pulled of the surprise of the day finishing second in their group and progressing to the quarter-finals where they met the eventual winners of the competition with no less than a National Champion in their squad. 😲

They finished in 5th-8th place a brilliant result as they had only started competitive play this season.😊😊😊 Thanks to Sharon for managing the team.

The boys too, rose to the occasion. Louis McPhee of Collis school, Adam Gold and Kranthi Thammandra of Teddington school and Billy ray Edwards of Orleans Park represented the Borough. In their group of six teams they finished 3rd after some battling performances and nail biting finishes and went on to meet the other 3rd place teams.πŸ˜„ They then finished second after being awarded a walkover v Camden a win against Ealing but a loss against a very strong Kingston team.

The squad finished in 10th place all the boys were thirteen years or younger so still have years ahead of them to develop their play... next year the top eight!!!

A great day well done to all the squad on being great ambassadors for the club....πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

The NCL at Greehouse Centre Marylebone.

The picture depicts our squad that represented us on the final day of the Nightingale NCL.

Well done to Kipper, William, Sabrina and Nicholas who improved so much this year that they were able to compete at this level. 

Congratulations to those who played in the bottom division, Div 3 as they finished up as Division Three Champions.

In total at least ten players played in that division although by the end of the season four have now stopped playing while three others finished the season promoted to Division 2

 NJL at London Academy Oct 2017

Well done to all the squad on a day of great performances!

Having revisited the results of the NJL I find it quite reassuring regarding the state and the future of our club. Although it is now two seasons since we were in Division 1 of NJL. The recent results show we are developing a new strong squad of players that may soon take us back there.

Our A and B teams in Divisions 4,5 respectively between them played 8 matches and were undefeated 2 draws however cost the A team promotion. The C team won their matches against the top and 3rd place teams, but lost to the team that  finished bottom of the 6th division.


Not quite the same level of achievement as last year but having had so many experienced players deciding to quit playing, it was hardly surprising. That said however:

It was a a great day out at the 2017 London Youth Games yesterday and well done! to Jules, Arya, Oliver, Davide and Linda who represented the borough and club and Twickenham Brunswick along with three Richmond Park Academy girls.

The results: We lost every match... Some great efforts and performances but better still they turned out while thousands in the Borough either did not relish the challenge, have the ability or know that the opportunity was there.

Boys team Qualify for Crystal Palace

June 11th 2016

2016 has been a good year for Richmond Upon Thames in table tennis.
Last year we had no girls team but this year five girls went to Redbridge to compete on behalf of the Borough.
A defeat by the narrowest of margins in the first round losing 3-2 but going to deuce in the fifth set of the doubles was a magnificent effort.

The girls then won the next round but again lost out in the doubles of the final round.
But the young team have many more years ahead of them if they keep playing .
Jaikalin, Eli and Julia slightly more experienced players were ably supported by a more mature Yasemin and a very supportive Jess.
A special thanks goes to Jess who along with Yasemin made herself available from the start  of the selection process to ensure we had a team this year...
The Boys team exceeded all expectation really. Finlay Feil and Joseph Durling were clearly our stronger players but pulled off  the surprise of the day by both winning 100% of their singles matches.
They were supported by Billy B. Silas W. and Julian C.L. who won 2/3 of the doubles matches. The result being that 

Richmond have qualified for the London Youth Games final at Crystal Palace on 3rd July 2016

Well done to all the squad

2016 LYG Table Tennis

Twickenham Brunswick v Ashford

Thursday the 2nd of June, half term week and we were off to Ashford with with a squad of nine players to take on a similar group from Ashford. 

Today’s match with Ashford was a first opportunity for many of the youngest players in both clubs to get their first taste of competitive match play.

With players ranging from age 6 to 13 and experience ranging from a few weeks to a couple of years it was very much a learning exercise for all involved.

Both clubs fielded 9 players so we ran a Pool stage (mixed standards) with 3 groups of 6,  followed by a second round of 3 groups of 6

– this time ranked according to results from the previous round.

In the 1st to 6th place group,  the first three places went to Ashford players – Aarya Karthik, Joseph Jafari and Ashrith Behara,  with 4th 5th and 6th

to Twickenham  Billy Knox, Nathan Maghlaoui and Kush Verma.

7th the 12th places were as follows ;  Will de Noronha ,  Parin Shah  (both Ashford), Sam Johal (Twickenham), 

Alex Griffiths, Aaron Reader (both Ashford)  Oliver Dugaric (Twickenham)

And finally 13th to 18th places;  George de Noronha, Vedant Hariharan (Ashford)  , Alex Wang, Anant Sharma, Amar Jaffa, Eric Kacynsk  (Twickenham)

Many thanks to Mark Roper for his report and organisational skills.

Jarvis 2* Burgess Hill

Sunday May 1st 2016 and four junior players made their debut to serious competition at the Jarvis 2* competition.
Kush, Oliver and Anant  and Aryan played in their respective groups in the morning.  Aryan in the U.12's was a little out of his depth as he met far more experienced players while Kush and Oliver were matched up against each other and in a group with the England No.2.


2016 LYG Trials

Saturday 16th April 2016

Today was the first trial date for the Richmond upon Thames Table Tennis Team. With a number of our better players not showing any interest in the event some of the boroughs aspiring players took to the tables. Some of the young hopefuls are showing a great deal of promise but as yet need to develop their styles and grow in experience. 

Silas Woolway dominated his group with comfortable wins over Ethan, Billy and Nathan, while in the other group Julian Charlton Lee comfortably won his group against Anant, Jay and Joe.

In the final play off 12 year old Jules (JCL) played well against a an older, stronger but slightly out of practice Silas, winning the match and the trial. Well done to both the finalists Jules on keeping his nerve and Silas on accepting the loss very graciously.

The trials will continue this coming Saturday to allow any absentees from the first trial to claim a squad place.

The Russel Grant Cup 2016

This weekend  Saturday 26th March 2016 saw the Russell Grant Cup competition played at our club. The competition is a Junior Inter-league Competition between Middlesex Leagues. Wembley and Harrow, North Middlesex, Staines, and the South and West Middlesex leagues were all invited to play. Unfortunately the Staines League were unable to field a team but Wembley and Harrow and North Middlesex were both able to field two teams while the South and West Middlesex League were represented by players from our club. It was both an honour and a  privilege to host the competition as our club is never utilised for Table Tennis England events, or for any other table tennis events apart from our own usage. I have to commend all the visiting players, parents and coaches on making the day a most enjoyable experience as the day progressed with a great spirit of competition but also sporting behaviour.

The size and strength of the opposing leagues was really quite formidable when compared to our league of one division and only two clubs having any junior players. So it was  quite commendable that our squad of Charlie  and Alex Rahbani, Alex Gough, Medha Verma and Hardeep Dhaliwal managed to finish in fourth place from the five teams. and perhaps the performance of the day was to lose 5-4 to the overall winners Wembley and Harrow 1 .










Wembley & Harrow 1









North Middlesex 1









Wembley & Harrow 2









South & West Middx









North Middlesex 2











Winners of Russell Grant Cup 2016


The Future of twickenham Brunswick TTC

Twickenham Brunswick has gone through a successful era when we have produced over a dozen or more very talented players.

The players that have been successful have gradually moved on and gone on to university, or given up the game.

However the club does not now have the number of keen players who recognise how well they have progressed and have a desire to reach their potential.

Some players reach a good standard and know that to improve further, it will need effort, at which point they gradually play less, win less and therefore get little satisfaction through playing.

The club is constantly on the lookout for young players who want to do well at table tennis. If you have the desire and the will to succeed you will and that applies to everything.

If you want to try table tennis you do not have to be good, we will help you achieve that.


Medha Verma

Medha  is now the new success story to come out of Twickenham Brunswick. We may not have the financial backing of sponsors or the coaching structure of centres of excellence, but Twickenham Brunswick still are able to produce classy table tennis players.

Medha started attending the club when she was quite young with her Dad and over the past 4-5 years she has worked hard at her game training within the club with her dad and gaining useful practice outside of the club at Table Tennis camps and with other players and coaches.

Medha has  a great attitude to learning and a willingness to listen and try. She has good self motivation and is constantly driving herself on to do better. She has played in National Junior League testing some out some very strong young men, and proving too strong for nearly all the boys in NCL

Here is a brief summary of 2015-2016 season for Medha:


Burton Uxbridge 2* Cadets : Runners up


Briber Plymouth 2* Cadets : Runners Up


Halifax 2 * Cadets: Winner


Halifax 2 * Juniors: Runners Up


TopSpin Fusion 2 * Cadets: Runners Up


Chandlers 4 * Band 2 Juniors Winner


Chippenham 4 * Cadets Consolation Winner


Winner: Regional Cadets Qualifier -London Region


Runners Up: JackPetchey West London Qualifiers


Brunswick - Ashford Tournament

It was a great way to start the New Year. What would have been a very quiet morning at our Saturday session turned into a competitive but friendly event against a group of young aspiring players from Ashford. The morning's  event was out of necessity a little "random" as we had no idea how many would arrive. In the end we had a group of 15 players that we placed into three groups of five with a spread of abilities.

After the first round we ran a second group of matches reflecting their achievements in the first groups.

The top group saw George Long, Alex Gough and Luke Saunders play off for first, second and third places respectively

Fourth to sixth places were achieved by Giacomo Giarola, Amol Apte and Matt Palmer also in that order.

Places 7-15 Rahul, Ismail, Ellie, Ayush, Liam, Ben, Joseph, Resandu, Nathan.

Well done to all the players on making it a thoroughly enjoyable event with no tears, tantrums or gamesmanship.....

Medha Wins Halifax 2*

Huge congratulations to Medha Verma who this weekend won the Halifax 2* Open.19 December 2015

On the way to victory she beat Erin Greensmith ranked in the 60's or 70's and Charlotte Weatherby ranked no.17.

This result is just reward for the hard work Medha puts in, in practice.

Medha is a great example to all the club members of what can be achieved with a little dedication.

Well Done once again!

Table Tennis Day Tournament

Although every day is table tennis day at Twickenham Brunswick, we tried to recognise the day as being a bit special by holding a junior and senior tournament. As is often the case when we hold internal competitions support was a little on the low side as the club members know their place within the club structure.

However the ten juniors who turned up played two round robin groups of five to find the top two of each group. The number ones then played off for first and second and we decreed the number twos were third place equal.

Hardeep beat Alex in the final which was a very close affair. The remaining eight players enjoyed some tough competitive play which will stand them in good stead for the coming season. For most of the group this was their first ever competition so well done to you all.

Brunswick v Ashford Friendly June 2015

Friday evening eight juniors form our club travelled over to Ashford for a taster evening of competitive table tennis. Three of our players had already had a little experience of lower level competition in the National Cadet League and National Junior League for the other five it was their first introduction to competitive league play. Our players ranged in age from 10 -17 with the majority being 13 or under.Silas and Liam the older two players did well using their age and experience to help them win most of their matches. The younger players hardly won a game between them although the points in matches were pretty close. 

The practice was useful as we start toward another season of NCL andNJL

London Youth Games 2015

Redbridge 14-06-2015


In spite of efforts to encourage more participants to trial for the Richmond Borough team, the LYG Table Tennis event took place this weekend at Redbridge with just three boys representing the borough and unfortunately no girls team at all. Finlay Feil and Hardeep Dhaliwal, now experienced players, led the team supported by the up and coming Morgan Wilkins. 

The team were in a group containing Waltham Forest, Camden and Croyden. who were the seeded team.

It is always difficult to assess the strength needed to win a match, but we started the day playing Morgan and Hardeep as the two singles players against Waltham Forest. Morgan and Hardeep  beat both of their players and Finlay joined Hrdeep to win the doubles earning us a 5-0 victory.


Against Croyden things were different. Finlay joined Hardeep in the singles and after the singles matches the match stood at 2-2,  Reiss Vydelingum having won his two singles and showing why he is ranked 19 in the cadets. The doubles went the way of Croyden and we succumbed to a 2-3 defeat.

Our last match against Camden again Morgan played in the singles with Finlay wher both won their respective singles giving us a 4-0 lead and when Hardeep and Fnlay paired for the doubles again the match was won 5-0.

Well done to the team and Alex Gough for helping with the management.




National Qualifiers 2015

Well done to all those from our club, who competed at the recent London Qualifiers for the National Championships Finlay and Ishaq found the competition tough finishing just outside the top two places in their groups, while Jules found the competition very hard in in the U.12's however none can be faulted on their effort.

Congratulations to Medha Verma and Morgan Wilkins on reaching the National Championships again this year. After a trying day of play Medha qualified in 4th place for the U.14 girls having won 3/5 matches while Morgan Wilkins qualified as an U.12 boy having won at least 11/12 matches.

Well done to Medha and Morgan for continuing the the clubs history of success in having members playing in the National Championships for the last five years.

Previous representatives have been D.Rahbani, A Egan, C. Rahbani, J.Corner, R.Folan, A.Rahbani, F. Feil, H. Dhaliwal, A. Rahbani, M. Verma, and M. Wilkins.

London Qualifiers for Nationals Oct 2014

The qualifiers for the National Championships for cadets and juniors took place at Morpeth School earlier this month October 2014. Although few of our players entered those that did were great ambassadors for the club, winning, losing and generally competing in a good sporting spirit.  Although none of our players qualified outright there is a possibility that Rhiannon Folan might be called up as a reserve to represent London.

Both Morgan Wilkins and Medha Verma performed well in the cadets against the very best players but found defeating the slightly lesser opponents a struggle. Rhiannon, Medha and Alex also competed in the Junior Qualifiers where a similar pattern emerged.

The competition for places was very fierce with a large number of top ranked players playing for just a few places. It is good to see that some of our players are prepared to have a go and show that our club has a number of very capable play

National Championships 2014

Twickenham Brunswick will be represented by Morgan Wilkins at the National Championships for 11-14 year olds. Ten year old Morgan started as an absolute beginner 2 years ago when I suggested he could be top 20 in England in his age group within the year. Unfortunately we never found out as the divulging of ranking information other than the main rankings was scrapped. Morgan practiced once or twice a week during the first year but then stopped for the summer only to return as a member of the boxing club. After a short while he returned to table tennis training, and playing in the National Cadet League and National Junior League. at the end of his second year after 18 months of training he entered the London Qualifiers for the Nationals and finished fourth in his group.

On the weekend of the 1st of June 2014 Morgan will be travelling to Doncaster to play in the U.11 boys competition where he will be matched up against Amirul Hussain  the England No.1 also No.8 at U.13. A win might be a little too much to expect, but I will be highly delighted with any score as long as he plays to his potential both regards to his style and determination.

Good luck Morgan....

Ashford End of Year Tournament 2013

We would like to than Mark Roper for organizing this tournament during the holiday period.
Well done to those of our club who were available to attend as without you the event could not have happened.
Below are the individal averages which reflect how may games you won rather than where you are ranked among the players present

Thanks to all for another enjoyable match yesterday, here are the results.

Congratulations to James Corner, Alex Gough and Rhiannon Folan who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall for the day

Well done to  Nikit who was the Ashford player with the highest win percentage

County League Championships

Five players from Ashford/Twickenham Brunswick represented Middlesex/Surrey in the first round of this seasons junior county championship .
David Rahbani (Middx I) and Rhiannon Folan (Surrey I) both played in the premier Division ( the highest level in the competition).
David did exceptionally well winning 3/6 of his matches. He also went to 5 sets with Alec Ward ( ETTA rank 11) of Cleveland, a great achievement considering Alec beat Adam Harrison ( ETTA rank 3) the previous day. Rhiannon also did very well against very strong opposition, most of the other girls were ranked in the top 20 in England or top rank in Wales. She managed to win games off a couple of top 10 English juniors and beat the no 2 girl from Kent. A great debut to her county table tennis career.
Tony Egan (Middx II), Danielle Kelly ( Surrey II) and Medha Verma ( Surrey II) played in Div 1B hosted at Ashford .
Tony played very well to win 5/6 of his matches against Surrey II, Essex I and Essex II.
The girls found it very tough in their first outing at this level Β– 5 out of 6 of their opponents are ranked in the top 35 juniors. However Medha managed a win beating Essex II No 2 player Zoe Davies. Danielle did well too taking a set off Jane Li of Essex I, a great result considering Jane is ranked 21 in juniors. Both girls are still only 11 years old with at least another 6 years playing county table tennis, their time will come.

National Qualifiers

5/6 Oct 2013

At the recent London Qualifiers for the National Junior and Cadet Championships it was pleasing to see a number of our juniors entering and having a go...

Congratulations go to Alex Gough and Alex Rahbani who will have gained some valuable experience playing in tough group matches in the junior and cadet age groups respectively.

Well done too, to the girls

Medha Verma who finished fifth in the Cadets Girls finishing as second reserve.  

And Rhiannon Folan  who came fifth in the  Junior Girls to  finish overall as second reserve

However the more outstanding performances came from

David Rahbani who qualified in third place for the Junior Boys and

James Corner who qualified in third place for the  Cadet Boys 

Well done! We look forward to following their progress in the National Championships next month

Ashford 4 Club Tournament


Ashford 4 Club Tournament

Bank Holiday Monday saw five players from Twickenham Brunswick travel to our neighbouring club Ashford to participate in a four club junior tournament. In total there were some forty young players representing Reading, Rosehill, Ashford and of course Twickenham Brunswick. It was disappointing that we had so few representing us, but at the same time it was great to see two new players making their first appearance in competitive play. Theo Hainsworth 10 has only been playing a year and Luca Chan 8 just a couple of months, but both played outstandingly well considering their lack of experience.
Theo in Band C won five matches and narrowly lost just three, while Luca managed two wins.

Hardeep Dhaliwal played In Band B so that we were represented in all four bands, but proved to be far too strong for the group winning all his matches.

In the A Band  Alex Gough won the majority of  his matches, and Rhiannon Folan won 50%

 The results were calculated by the percentage of matches won

In Band A Rhiannon and Alex finished second on 69% behind Rosehill on 71%

In Band B Hardeep finished on 100% and made us the clear winner.

In Band C Theo won 63%

and Luca won a very commendable 2 matches

Club JuniorTournament 2013

On Saturday 6th July there will be a club tournament for junior members.

10 am Under 13's / 1pm U.15's and at 4pm U.18's

 It was a shame that more players did not take the opportunity to take part in the club tournament, but for those who came there was a full morning of competition for the U.13's.

There was also no lack of talent as all the six players at U.13 were ranked inside the top 200 in the ETTA Rankings. The format for the tournament was a round robin with the top three players performing up to expectation. James Corner (25) finished top, having completed his matches unbeaten, Michal Papior (58) overcame all his opponents apart from James which included a narrow victory in five over Finlay Feil (62).

Positions 4, 5 and 6 though did not follow to form. Matthew Hazell (195) who has been training hard recently, finished fourth  beating Alex Rahbani (70) and Tyrell Soleyn (132) with Alex finishing fifth and Tyrell sixth.

The arrival of  Jack Richards,  Alexander Gough and John Barman meant that the U.15's tournament went ahead with eight players. The format was two groups of four which saw James, Michal, Finlay and Jack qualify for the final stage, but after the initial groups the weather and other commitments saw a couple of players make an early exit.

The final groups were therefore a play off between the U.13 top three and Alex Gough, Matthew Hazell and John Barman for third, fourth and fifth place.

The outcome was the same as previously with James beating both Michal and Finlay, and Michal again defeating Finlay in a close 5 set match.

Congratulations to all James Corner on winning the U.15's tournament and to all the players on turning up and making the competition worthwhile.  

EIGHT top 100 players in ETTA Rankings

The season is drawing to a close for table tennis, but there has been no easing up by the players at Twickenham Brunswick. In the latest ETTA ranking list no less than EIGHT different players appear in the top 100 of the England rankings for their age group.

The U.13 list makes interesting reading with SIX Twickenham Brunswick players appearing in the top 140.

Congratulations go to Medha Verma who after training hard for two seasons now finds herself in the top 50 in England at U.13 

All this at the end of a week that saw our cadet Division 1  and 2 teams overcome quite stiff opposition in the NCL cup competitions at Capital City Academy becoming champions in both divisions. 


This weekend saw a number of our players making the long journey over to Morpeth School for the London Region Qualifiers.

On the Saturday we were short of a couple of top 100 U.13 ranked players with James and Michal away for Easter but the two players available did extremely well in representing the club. Tyrell Soleyn came third in his group so missed out on playing for a qualifying place. he did then go on to win all the games in his final group, giving him a good win lose ratio. However Finlay Feil, surpassed all expectations, and in keenly contested groups that showed there was little to choose between the top 8 or so players, he performed brilliantly to qualify in second place for the national  U.13's Finals beating E Gozcu ranked 49 at U.13.     

Medha Verma competed in the girls u.13's and just missed out on a qualifying place but finished as first reserve. 

Well done too, to Morgan Wilkins who after starting table tennis last July won his first competitive match playing in the U.11 age group

On the Sunday we again travelled for the u.12 and U.14 competitions.

In the u.14's John Barman and a Alex Rahbani, who was far from well,  struggled in their groups but went on to have many good wins in later rounds.

Medha again had a very good day and surprised us all by finishing in first place to qualify for the national finals.

Meanwhile Finlay Feil playing in the u.12's won his first group but then  suffered a defeat at the hands of Kai Gazzi Timms which put him out of the running for a qualifying place. However in the play offs for 5th-8th place after  he suffered a further defeat by Z Premji he performed outstandingly well redeeming himself with two good wins over J Dignum and T Achampong (ranked 43 at U.13)  who had both beaten him in the U.13's competition the day before. On countback this placed him top of the group and 1st reserve for the national finals in the U.12 age group.

Well done to everybody who took part we will be well represented at the nationals once again this year.

Dulwich 2* Tournament


Congratulations to the Rahbani brothers and Anthony Egan on a successful trip to Dulwich

The 2 star Dulwich tournaments was a huge success for David Rahbani as he reached the final to then face James Denyer. He played outstandingly well but was not able to win it. He took second place with his first financial win of Β£30 and a medal. Anthony Egan also played very well to finish in fourth place losing to Musa who had to play David in the semi-finals. This was a huge achievement for both players. Charlie Rahbani did well to get through the group stages but lost in the knock out stages. On the other hand Alex Rahbani did brilliantly getting through his group stage and then having a great win against Michael Tunubu. Then in the semi-finals he faced James Smith and did fantastically to get a set of him. Overall it was a fantastic day.

James Denyer (E) beat David Rahbani (Mi) 3-0 (11-8, 11-2, 11-6) in the final


report by C.R>

James Corner Wins Milton Keynes U13's 2*

Saturday 27th October saw another great achievement for the club

when a group of five players travelled up to Milton Keynes for an

U.13's 2* Tournament. With a 7.30am early start and arriving dead

on 9am, there was littletime for the players to knock before being

thrown in to fierce competition.James Corner got straight down to

business winning his first two group matches, while Michael Papior

and Finlay Feil both started a little slower losing one match each in

their opening group. In the second round of matches James continued his winning

streak with two more convincing successes.

Finlay and Michael also won both of their second round matches

while Tyrell and Medha fought well but to no avail. 

In a clash of home players Finlay Feil

and Michael Papior competed in a play off match that saw Finlay

triumph  both had some good wins against higher ranked players.

But the day belonged to James Corner who defeated Artur V Caltabiano

in a close final contest, ending the day victorious and undefeated.


2012-13 Players

In the latest rating list, in the whole of England there are only 5 Counties who,at present, have more top

 100 players at U.13 than Twickenham Brunswick.

We will be starting the new season in September 17 England Ranked players with five players in the

 top 100U.13's in England.

We also have players ranked n the top 100 in Junior Boys and  Girls and Cadet Boys. There are

also a number of new players to our pretty large squad, that I suspect will also be appearing very

shortly in the ETTA Ratings lists....



Another great landmark for the club as 16 players from our club represented Hounslow and

Richmond Boroughs in the Balfour Beatty London Youth Games.

Richmond Boys Came third in their group one place better than last year, a great achievement

as there were only two boys over the age of thirteen out of the squad of 6.

Jack Richards and Alexander Gough13 and 14 respectively were supported by John Barman 12,

Hardeep Dhaliwal 12, James corner 12 and Finlay Feil 10  

The girls also came third out of a group of 5. Rhiannon Folan, Caroline Cooper and Medha Verma

all did their part in picking up games against all but the highest ranked players.

Hounslow repeated their success of last year by making it through to the finals at Crystal Palace.

Unfortunately the new format saw them drawn against a strong Hillingdon team who went on to

 lose in the final against wandsworth after rthey only just crept through  with a 3-2 win over our

Hounslow boys.  

Congratulations and well done to David and Charlie Rahbani, Anthony Egan and Michael Papior

who went to the groups stage as a very patient reserve...   

The Richmond Squad June 2012

U11/12/13/14 National Championships

The National Finals were this weekend in Walsall


Well done to-:

Charlie Rahbani U.14 Boys

James Corner and Alexander Rahbani U.12 Boys

Medha Verma U.11 girls

Finlay Feil U.11 boys

Brunswick Dominate Greenhouse Bevin 2* Tournament

Congratulations to David Rahbani on winning the U.18's Junior Tournament last weekend. It is the best result the club has achieved and was sweetened further by the fact that in the Final he over came Anthony Egan another player from our Club. Anthony ranked  (231) had reched the final by beating much higher ranked players such as Andre Dunkley (98) and Charlie Austen (89) and is equally deserving of recognition.

Twickenham players finished as champion and runner up

Well done too to Rhiannon Folan  who reached the semi-final of the girls u.15 age group.In her group she lost to Katie Cheer, and in the semi-final she was defeated by Evie Forster, But both the higher ranked girls were aware they were in a battle although Rhiannon lost 3-0 and 3-0 the games were close as Rhiannon made them work for every point.

Well done to the whole squad who again were a credit to the club

David Rahbani, Anthony Egan, Charlie Rahbani, Rhiannon Folan, Jack Richards, Alex Rahbani and Finlay Feil 

First Competition Experience

Last wednesday we took nine players over to Ashford for an afternoon team competition.

The players were split into three fairly equal teams to play each of the opposing teams.

For some of our players it was business as usual but for four of our players it was their

first introduction to real competitive play. Karim, Josh, Gerhard and David are relatively

inexperienced players ranging in age from 9-11 but that did not stop them giving their all.

Although competitive the whole afternoon was played out in a really good spirit and I for

one enjoyed the afternoon 

Well done to all the players it is good to see a new crop of players developing for next


Thank you to Ashford for the invitation....



Juniors Starting New Ventures

This weekend 22/23 October 2011 sees a new milestone for the club.The club will be sending some of its players to play in the first round of Junior British League.
Unfortunately as often happens our strongest team is not available for the full weekend so David Rahbani, Charlie Rahbani and Tom Bell will be playing on the Saturday and Jack Tubby and Anthony Egan will be travelling up to join Tom Bell on the Sunday. 

It is a new era also for the younger players who will be representing the club in the National Cadet League this Sunday. The past two seasons have seen our British League players developing to the point they have now reached, but this means our younger players now have to step up to represent the club in their own right 

James Corner, Alex Rahbani and Rhiannon Folan have been promoted to the first division, while John Barman, Hardeep Dhaliwal and Jack Richards take their places in the second team. The third team sees Sam Reynolds  appearing in his second season, while Alexander Gough and Alexander Anglin two newer players make their debut for the club.  

It has been a bit of an effort to fill the three teams this week, with some players giving up during the summer break, and another half dozen either being on holiday or otherwise engaged.

A big thank you to all those turning out to represent the club, most importantly,  enjoy yourselves, play in the spirit of the game and be great ambassadors for the club.

Ernest Bevin 2* Tournament

The Ernest Bevin 2*  Table Tennis Tournament

Saturday 4th December 2010


 Twickenham Brunswick Take Two Table Tennis Titles

Twickenham Brunswick took a strong squad of young table tennis players to the Ernest Bevin 2* Tournament this weekend and demonstrated for all to see why they have every right to be proud of the young players they have developed.

With three players ranked in the top 20 in England it was no surprise that two made it through their groups to the last eight in the knockout stage. Alex Rahbani lost to Tyreek Edwards in the last eight of the knockout, but team mate James Corner, No.6 in England came through his group to beat T.J. Stewart No. 10 in England thenTyreek Edwards No.17 in England.. In the final he met Bejay Arjan the England No.18 whom he beat  with a steady controlled performance that earned him the U.11 title.

Not to be outdone Charlie Rahbani, ranked 14 in England in the U.13 age group, competing in a large entry of  forty eight players coasted through his group making his way through to the semi final where he met Omar Khassal ranked 17 in England. In a hard fought game Charlie came through winning 3-2 in games only to meet the England Number 11 Oliver Gunns. In another closely contested match Charlie Rahbani showed that he was that little bit more tactically aware and crept through to win the U.13 age group final with another 3-2 victory.

Well done to all the squad, David rahbani who lost in the last eight of the U.15's, Jack Tubby and Anthony Egan who won some games against very strong opposition, and John Barman, Finlay Feil Joseph Farren and Hardeep Dhaliwal who continue to show why they are ranked amongst some of Englands top younger players.


U11s: James Corner (Mi) beat Bejay Arjan (Sy) 11-9, 11-6, 7-11, 4-11, 11-4

U13s: Charlie Rahbani (Mi) beat Ollie Gunns (K) 11-6, 5-11, 11-5, 12-10.

U15s: Danny Lawrence (K) beat Lobsang Lama (Sy) 11-2, 11-5, 6-11, 7-11, 11-8.

U18s: Bradley Tuttle (He) beat Danny Lawrence (K) 5-11, 11-4, 11-7, 11-7.

Girls: Round Robin: 1st Eda Aydin (Mi), 2nd: Denise Payet (Mi), 3rd: Tiana Dennison.