Twickenham Brunswick C.Y.P.
Main Club 0208 894 2571   Boxing Gym 0208  755 3959 eve

BOXING GYM   0208 755 3959

Memberships April 2019-20

We try to keep membership fees and nightly subscriptions to a minimum
After 4 years with no increases we are revising our prices  effective from 1st September 2017

Wednesday Junior Night Club:

     Nightly Fee                                            £  3.50
or Termly Fee                                             £25.00

Termly Fee
Family Rate          2+ children                    £35.00

Junior Table Tennis Club

Annual individual Junior Membership                                   £180.00  all inclusive

     Nightly Fee                                             £3.00
or Weekly Fee                                              £5.00
or Monthly                                                  £20.00

Adult  Table Tennis

Annual individual Senior Membership                                   £240.00  all inclusive

Nightly Fee                                                 £4.00
or Weekly Fee                                             £6.00
Monthly                                                      £25.00

Family rates   2 or more of 1 family             

Annual Family Membership                                   £240.00  all inclusive

Nightly   Fee                                                £6.00    
Weekly   Fee                                                £7.00
Monthly Fee                                                £25.00

Our Club Ethos

 The ethos of Twickenham Brunswick is continually evolving, but generally retains its old values as new does not always mean change for the better.

In the past the club provided a place of recreation for young people  who lived locally but who did not have the financial backing or inclination to join more specialised sports clubs. This was in a time when there were no computers, internet or social media.

The club provided a warm welcoming environment which saw the same young people attending night after night throughout the week. Nightly subs were kept to a minimum and there was no annual subscription. 

The club has always tried to be self sufficient, not reliant on grants that can be taken away as well as given. Still today we try to manage by only buying what we can afford and doing works ourselves on a shoestring budget.

 Because we seldom ask for grants we are not asked to be accountable for targets set. We do not have the stress of trying to increase numbers, or justify who is attending the club with regards to gender, race or ability. 

Everyone is welcome at our club, everyone has the same opportunities, we can focus on what is important and that is providing a welcoming atmosphere.

The club is staffed by volunteers so members know they are not paying for coaches or workers, staff and leaders do not do the work for the pay but for the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing they are doing a good worthwhile job.

The club is not sponsored by companies or equipment providers, so we do not have the advantage of many other clubs particularly in the table tennis world but it is great that we do so well in the face of adversity.

We like to feel that our members get value for money, we trust that our members will therefore respect our facilities and look after them as if they were their own because all the club has, is purchased through their money.

We have a great group of members that create a great atmosphere, we thrive through word of mouth and recommendation rather than pushy advertising.