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2017 -18   Staines Table Tennis League

All good things have to come to an end! 

As is the case of our reign as Staines and District League Champions. Going into the last night level on points and needing a 9-0 win to ensure the Title for a second year... we only managed 7-2.☹️

However no one should feel bad! 

Congratulations to Ashford Alligators👍, it wasn't the 2 games dropped on the last night, there were all manner of highs and lows throughout the season for all the team...

In the end it was strength in depth that was the telling factor.

Well done to our squad Adam. Cpt, Katiya, Fabian, Simon, Alex.. who all turned out to play even when not at their best...

There's always next year..... 😉

2016 -17 Staines Table Tennis League

Division 1 Champions 2016-2017

With  three weeks left of the season Twickenham Brunswick have ensured their place as Division 1 Champions.

Week after week consistently strong performances from the whole squad have opened up a thirty point lead at the top of the table.

Weeks Five and Six have come and gone and the drive from Twickenham Brunswick is relentless.

The Cheetahs,  in second place, arrived this week having played 1 match more but 6 points behind us.

An evening full of top class rallies, and closely contested games resulted in an 8-1 win for us. A win by such a margin should ensure that we continue to open up a gap at the top of the table as we await the Nomads v Ashford Buffalos result.

Week Four and Twickenham Brunswick still top the division.

Now on 30 points after a tremendous 8-1 win over nomads A.

This week the team had to call upon Alex Gough as a couple of our regular team members were unavailable. His performance was such that we achieved a result probably better than we would normally have expected.

With two wins from Alex, and Adam and Katya winning three out of three by defeating  a very strong PhilipTillotson good progress is being made.

Week Three and Twickenham Brunswick still top the division.

Twickenham Brunswick are on 22 points followed by Ashford Alligators on 16 points.

Martin Gunn proved to be quite a formidable opponent but was pushed quite hard by Katya who took the defeat as an incentive to play with greater determination....

future opposition beware.

Twickenham Brunswick have entered a team in the Staines Table Tennis League for the 2016-17 season

The Team

Adam Burgess

Fabian Setzer

David Rahbani

Katya Manavska

Reserves Anthony Johnson and Alex Gough

After beating the Ashford Eagles the team soared to equal top of the division.. This week they cunningly outsmarted the Foxes gaining a 9-0 victory.  

The results will be available to see shortly by following the link below.