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Wednesday Junior Club

We are Re opening Wednesday night Junior Club form Wednesday 4th November 2020.

However Junior Club evening cannot return in the same format as before.

Please do not send young people if unwell or who have been asked to isolate.

To avoid needing to pay each week we would ask a booking fee £15 for the 6 weeks

The evening sessions will need to be booked in advance so we know who to expect and who has attended.

We intend running two sessions 6.15 Pm to 7.15pm and 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Each session will provide an Arts and Crafts option or sports and Physical activities but 

not mixing between the two.

The earlier session would be more suited to 8-10 yr olds the later one for 11-13 yr olds

We would anticipate no more than 4-5 in the art room or max 6-8 for sports

We will not be able to open the canteen for the computers, but there will be opportunity for buying drinks or sweets..

If you are interested in sending your child children, please email

[email protected]

Give name of member                          Age

Preferred session 1st Session or 2nd session

Contact No.

Also who they might like to be with if they have friends who want to attend.

When the groups are established I can then contact you to confirm their acceptance and would appreciate payment before or on the day of attendance.

Details for payment will be included in email


Wednesday Junior Club Night is open to all young people in the junior school age range 8-11yrs.


The club is well staffed and has lots of activities on offer to the young people.

On offer are: The Computer Suite - Badminton - Hockey - Pool and Arts and Crafts Activities as is occasionally the trampette and trampoline. 

All this for just £3-50 a night in subs  or  £20 a term per child. Young people in our locality need never be bored again least not on a Wednesday Night.    £20-00 a term


Our Wednesday Night Club is now looking for new members as our average nightly attendance has dropped. 

The club still offers activities including trampolining, badmington, hockey, basketball, table tennis, football, pool,   computers, arts and crafts.

Is there another club locally that can offer this range of activity?

Why We Are So Popular


We are always glad of any additional volunteers to help our club run smoothly.

If you have any time free, please feel free to contact us. I'm sure everyone and anyone has something to offer our club.

We expect our members to treat the club, its workers and members with respect which is why our club has such a warm atmosphere.